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  • Many of us would rather give up one of our limbs than stop using our mobile phones or tablets. But as we become more addicted to devices, it means more opportunities to be infected by malware and other exploits.
  • The average belief of an Android / IOS user is that their data is secure under the security umbrella of their OS, which under no statistic is true given the fact there has been immense intrusions into these platforms time & over again across geographies.
  • Leave alone the fact that the device screams ‘Additional security’ owing to huge usage of data from applications ranging from Emailing, Texting to more interactive one's like Social media, Banking & Financial transactions.
  • We seem to be lost within the belief that the OS is secured against the actual need for Cyber Security for mobility!!
  • And if our devices are infected, chances are attackers can use them as a gateway to our business networks. Mobile devices have traditionally been less protected than desktops while the amount of malware in app stores just keep increasing.
  • In addition – Constant engagement with the mobile device means you have less time to scrutinize content coming in thru an infected app or an email, making it more likely you will open a compromised attachment and have the device infected.
  • In today’s world each device does need an additional layer of security to protect whatever we end up using the device for.

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